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What is Managed I.T. Services?

Managed services is the practice of proactively managing and monitoring I.T. environments. The objective of managed I.T. services is to address issues and manage I.T. environments to prevent interruptions to organizational operations.   Organizations pay a fixed monthly fee for managed I.T. support versus the typical break/fix hourly model  where the service provider performs on-demand services and bills the customer on an hourly basis making it difficult for organizations to manage their I.T. budgets. 

Why should my organization be concerned with HIPAA compliance?

 Any person or organization that stores or transmits individually identifiable health information electronically is considered a “covered entity” and is required by law to comply with HIPAA. For example, if you submit claims electronically or make referrals or obtain authorizations by sending e-mail messages that contain individually identifiable health information, you are a covered entity.If your practice is paper based, don't automatically assume you're exempt from the regulation. For example, if you submit hard copies of claims to your billing company and it transmits them electronically to payers, the HIPAA rule applies to you. For help determining whether you are a covered entity under HIPAA, go to www.cms.hhs.gov/hipaa/hipaa2/support/tools/decisionsupport/default.asp.If you aren't a covered entity, the law does not apply to you directly. However, you will feel its impact if you deal with any physician or organization that is a covered entity. For example, a covered entity may ask you to sign a business associate agreement to provide assurance that you will safeguard any individually identifiable health information to the same extent it does.