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CEM HealthIT


 CEM HealthIT is an I.T. organization focused on helping healthcare providers chose and manage their technology effectively and efficiently.   Our team has over 20 years experience in information technology and healthcare. Our team has successfully supported and consulted with many different health care organizations over the years including private ambulatory practices, surgery centers and community health centers. We understand the technology transformation that is being required of your organization. As more and more is demanded of practices in regard to utilizing technology, it is important that you have a trusted technology partner that serves as your advocate, understands your business, and your goals.   

CEM HealthIT offers a wide variety of I.T. services that we can customize for your healthcare organization.   We understand that you want to run your healthcare organization, not an I.T .department. While I.T. may not be top of mind, it should never be out of sight. Lack of vision into the true status of your technology, and the quality of your defenses against attack or failure, may leave your organization vulnerable to disruption, legal consequences and loss of revenue. By implementing regular monitoring and review procedures, you can anticipate challenges before they become problems, and take adequate measures to ensure the protection of your organization.

Are you protecting your organization? According to a Forrester Consulting report, 89% of healthcare organizations have some percentage of their staff working off-site at least one day a week; more than 10% have experienced more than one security breach in any given year. Given the ethical demands of patient confidentiality and the legal requirements imposed by numerous regulatory bodies, every healthcare practice needs safe, simple and secure ways to:

  • Maintain consistent security policies across ALL devices, including computers, laptops, tablets, smart phones and more – anyplace where data may be exposed
  • Remove sensitive data remotely from lost or stolen devices
  • Block unauthorized access to data, devices and applications
  • Distribute and enforce password protection, encryption and security updates

Are you sure your I.T. is a sure thing? Given the stakes it’s important to have the right I.T. partner. Are you sure the technology you rely upon is adequately protected? In our experience, nine out of ten companies have undetected vulnerabilities that could lead to data disaster.  

Services offered: 


  • Managed I.T. Support Services
  • HIPPA Compliance Assessment and On-Going HIPAA Compliance Monitoring
  • Cloud Solutions 
  • Network Design
  • I.T. Infrastructure Assessment
  • Strategic Technology Planning 
  • Data Backup and Storage
  • Security Solutions 
  • Vendor Selection
  • System Selection, Implementation, and Optimization
  • Project Management
  • Mobile Device Management
  • Change Management